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T30 Intelligent Battery Station - C8000

by DJI
Type: Accessorie

The DJI Agras T30 Intelligent Battery Station (C8000) provides 7,200 watts of charging power and can charge a T30 Intelligent Flight Battery in 9-10 minutes. You will need to supply a generator rated at 9,000W CONTINUOUS at a minimum. Can also be used for the T40 Intelligent Flight Battery, but will require a generator rated at 12,000W CONTINUOUS at a minimum.

Product specifications are:
• Dimensions 11.8x11x9 Inches
• Weight 25.4 pounds
• Input Voltage 100-264 Vac
• Output Voltage 40-60 V
• Rated Power 7,200 W
• Charging Current 120 A
• Protection Features Over-temp, over-volt, under-volt, short-circuit, and fan stall.