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Warranty Policy

OVERVIEW: DJI’s warranty policy for Agras series drones is based on the individual part. Most major components now feature a 12-month warranty period, while high wear parts vary in duration. The warranty only covers manufacturer defects and early parts failure and does not extend to damage caused by negligent or reckless pilot behavior.

To claim warranty service, proof of original purchase and activation date must be presented at time of claim. Surrender of appropriate controller data may be required to determine if aircraft has been operated in a fashion that nullifies the warranty. In addition, detailed photographs and/or video of the incident, as well as the aircraft's serial number must be presented.

Should you require assistance verifying you have the required materials for warranty service, please contact Bestway Ag, or one of its authorized DJI resellers.

All warranty claims must be submitted to Bestway Ag. Warranty repair must be conducted by Bestway Ag, or one of its duly authorized DJI resellers.