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DJI Agras T10

by DJI
Type: Drones

The Lightweight Champion

The T10 is the lightweight champion of the Agras line. Weighing in at under 55 lbs., even loaded, it does not require a FAA heavy drone exemption. While it may be the lightest sprayer drone on the market, the T10 is not light on features.

Easy to operate in either manual or fully autonomous modes, anyone can learn to fly the T10. Its spherical radar system and dual cameras work in conjunction with automatic obstacle avoidance and adaptive flight functions to help ensure obstacle avoidance and safety while in flight.

A quick swap 2.64-gallon liquid tank makes this drone ideal for smaller acreages, test plots, and spot applications. In a matter of minutes, the T10 can be swapped to a solid spreading configuration and features 2.64 gallons of capacity and a spreading width of up to 23 feet.


• 2.64-gallon liquid tank
• Electromagnetic flow meter ensures even and accurate spraying
• TeeJet tips allow the T10 to cover a 16-foot swath
• Up to 15 acres per hour at two GPA and 20 acres per hour at one GPA
• 2.64-gallon spreader tank holds approximately 20 lbs. of material
• Industry-leading spherical radar detects obstacles in any direction around the aircraft, aiding in avoidance and minimizing crashes
• IP67 rating throughout the aircraft ensures the T10 is protected against moisture and dust intrusion, increasing the aircraft’s durability
• Autonomous mission planning makes the T10 efficient and easy to operate, even for novice pilots