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DJI Agras T40

by DJI
Type: Drones

Efficient Productivity

The Agras T40 represents a leap forward in agricultural spray drone technology. It is the most advanced sprayer drone currently available in the United States.

Featuring a new coaxial twin-rotor design, the T40 can carry a spray load of 88 pounds and a dry load of up to 110 pounds, making the Agras T40 the top choice for covering larger acreages.

The spraying system of the T40 has also received updates and now features a magnetic drive impeller pump, which isolates chemicals from the motor, eliminating corrosion and increasing the overall durability of the aircraft. The spray system is completely unpressurized.

Traditional spray tips have been removed from the Agras T40 in favor of a new dual-atomized centrifugal system. This ensures even droplet size and more efficient use of expensive chemicals. Droplet size can be increased or decreased by changing the speed at which the sprinkler heads rotate.

Its new active phased array radar, coupled with binocular vision sensors, provide the Agras T40 with unparalleled 360° horizontal and omnidirectional obstacle sensing. The result is an aircraft that is not only safer than previous models, but also easier to fly. Additionally, the T40 features a new 12 megapixel gimbal-mounted FPV (First Person View) camera that allows for real-time data gathering functions.

All of these features allow the Agras T40 to engage in multiple mission types, ranging from surveying, mapping, spraying, and spreading while maintaining the ease of operation DJI drones have become famous for.
If you’re looking for an agricultural drone capable of tackling the widest variety of mission profiles, the Agras T40 is your machine.


• 10.57 gallon tank
• Unpressurized spray system
• Dual centrifugal spray heads create consistent droplet size, reduce drift
• 30’ spray swath
• 40 acres per hour at a 2 GPA (Gallons Per Acre) rate
• Live-level weight scale and empty tank float sensor
• Optional 18.5 gallon spreader tank holds 110 pounds of granular material
• Auto-adjusting spreader gate
• Active phased array omni-directional radar detects obstacles around the aircraft, aiding in avoidance and minimizing crash potential
• Built-in mapping capabilities
• 12-megapixel camera on front gimbal mount
• Controller features a bright, easy-to-use 7” display
• IPX6 rating throughout the aircraft ensures protection against moisture and dust intrusion
• Autonomous mission planning makes the Agras T40 efficient and easy to fly, even for novice pilots