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C10000 Intelligent Battery Charger

by DJI

DJI C10000 Charger: High-Efficiency Charging Solution

The DJI C10000 charger is a powerful 10,000-watt charging solution designed for the DB1560 (T50 & T40) battery. It is also compatible with the previous generation T40 battery.

This high-efficiency charger significantly reduces downtime by charging batteries 1 to 2 minutes faster than the C8000 (T30) charger when connected to a 220-volt outlet.

Key Features:

  • Compatibility: The DJI C10000 charger is fully compatible with both the DJI Agras T50 and T40 batteries. (DB1560 is the unified battery)
  • Efficiency: Experience faster charging times, reducing your operational delays and increasing productivity.
  • Seamless Integration: Designed to work seamlessly with the DJI Agras T50 and T40 Battery Cooling Stations, eliminating the need for adapters.
  • Robust Design: Built to support rigorous agricultural operations, ensuring reliability and longevity in various environments.