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T40 Power Up Event

T40 Power Up Event

T40 Power Up Event

If you've been on the fence about purchasing a new DJI Agras T40, now is a great to jump in.

From now until January 14, 2024, every DJI Agras T40 activated will be eligible to receive a free battery. It's the perfect promotion to help you power up your operation this spring.

The process is very simple. You'll activate your T40 and then submit the serial number of your drone to the Bestway Ag authorized DJI dealer you purchased it from. Once confirmed, Bestway Ag will issue the battery to your dealer for pickup.

If you need help determining your aircraft serial number, there are multiple ways of finding, but we recommend taking a screen shot of your device info from within the DJI Smart Farm app. This screen displays the date of activation, which determines eligibility, as well as the aircraft serial number.

It's time to do more, spray more and fly more with Bestway Ag and DJI Agriculture.

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