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DJI Relay

DJI Relay

DJI Relay

The DJI relay module was designed specifically for use with DJI Agras agricultural drones, including the Agras T40 and T20P models. This module extends your signal transmission range, making it a valuable asset for extensive farming operations across varying terrains, including rolling hills.

Signal interruptions between the controller and drone are not only an inconvenience, they also pose a safety hazard. These interruptions can be caused by tall crops, dense foliage or hilly landscapes. The relay module addresses this issue and can help alleviate problems associated with these factors.

A key factor for success with the relay is finding the proper location to mount the module. A central, elevated location within your field is ideal. The relay should be attached to either a tripod-type system or an extendable pole. It should be at least seven feet above the crop canopy you intend to spray.


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